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Welcome to the High Technology Website!

High Technology is a company devoted to selling top quality HID Kits at the lowest possible price. We carry HID kits for all makes and models, and all our products come with a 1 year warranty. Installation is easy and only take about 20 minutes to complete. We stand by all products, giving you the shopper "peace of mind" unlike other HID sites. All our transactions are done securely via PayPal to keep your information safe,and you can still checkout without a PayPal account! We offer a few different hid color temperatures ; 3000k, 4300k, 6000k , 8,000k , 10,000k , 12,000k and also upgrades like a slim ballast, and bi-xenon bulbs. Please browse our vehicle selection to the left to get started ordering your hid kit!

Why change to HID Lighting?

Xenon Lighting is the way of the future for vehicle lighting. Some high dollar cars are coming from the factory with xenon lighting(HID).This is because xenon produces 300% more lighting, gives off more vivid colors, and has a larger light spread. In return this gives you the driver added safety, during driving at night, and during heavy rain. Now is a perfect time to upgrade and xenon Lighting makes it easy with our plug-n-play style hid kit.

What are the differences between Halogen bulbs and HID bulbs?


Increased Visibility

HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. They are also known as Xenon headlights. When you upgrade your stock headlights to the HID headlights, you are able to improve your night time driving experience. HID kits emit a light that shines farther than the stock bulbs, HID headlights are three times brighter than the halogen bulbs. By installing these HID lights, they effectively broaden your peripheral coverage by as much as 70%, giving you added reaction time to notice and avert potential hazardous road conditions.

How Does HID Headlights Work?

Xenon headlights function similarly to fluorescent lights in that the lights are produced by transmitting current through metal vapor. Unlike the standard halogen lights, the HID headlights use ballasts to maintain the voltage needed to charge the bulbs. The HID lights use less current however, and can grant you light that is three times as bright as the standard halogen lights for less power.

Custom Lighting Custom Appeal

Aside from the improved safety, HIDs also offer a visual appeal that exhumes a sense of luxury, in fact, Xenon headlights are standard feature on most upscale vehicles. For those craving for the uniquely captivating look, there are various color options available for you to choose from. Depending on the color temperature, Xenon lights can produce colors ranging from bright yellow to shimmering violet.
Shines On and On and On and On
Longevity is another advantage that HID headlights possess over halogen lights. Not only do the HID bulbs emit light that is three times brighter and consume less energy, they can last up to ten times longer. When you take energy efficiency and impressive lifespan into account, the HID conversion kits available through us make them the best value around.

Bi-Xenon vs. Hi/Lo

Bixenon bulbs are single bulbs that can function for both high beam and low beam. When switched from low beam to high beam, the motor installed in the bi-xenon HID positions the bulb to its appropriate place. Most cars that utilize single bulb for high beam and low beam can be retrofitted with the bi-xenon bulbs
Hi/Low bulbs can also function as both the high beam and low beam. The notable difference however between bixenon bulbs and high low bulbs are that hi/low bulbs pocess two bulbs in one
socket, HID bulb for low beam and halogen bulb for high beam.

What is included in an HID Kit?

2 bulbs, 2 ballasts, 2 ballast mounting brackets are included in your kit.

What is a Relay Harness?

A relay is used for certain vehicles with daytime running lights or to simply pull power from your battery. This will accomplish two advantages. One advantage is bypassing the issue of problems that may occur between your E.C.U and your headlights. Another advantage is having more consistent power to the HID kit since the power is coming directly from the power source.

What is a Anti-Flicker Capacitors / Warning Cancellers / Decoders?

Canceller Cables (also known as CANBUS boxes, CANBUS Harness or CANBUS Relay) Are sold in pairs. You will need one pair per each HID Kit. - Canceller Cables have resistors & capacitors to simulate a factory Halogen Bulb. This will solve the error message on the dash board of newer luxury cars. - Canceller Cables will also eliminate HID headlight FLICKERING that is caused by the Vehicle's computer not recognizing the HID bulb. - This HID Conversion Kit Computer Warning Canceller will solve the computer error warning encountered during the installation of the HID kits. - Power from the vehicle factory headlight plugs into this harness and this harness powers your HID Ballast. - Canceller cables will work for all CARS WITH COMPUTER CONTROLLED HEADLIGHTS. Although recommended for every car, Cancellers are most commonly needed for European cars such as (BMW/BENZ/AUDI) etc and some American cars such as (CHRYSLER/DODGE/JEEP) etc.

How do I know if I need a Relay or Canceller?

You will know if you have daytime running lights if you need either or both. If you have a computerized headlight system you will need a canceller. If you do not but you have D.R.L.’s you will need a relay.

How can I find out what bulb size my vehicle requires?

You can find out by visiting our Home Page – “Choosing the Right HID Kit is easy”. Simply follow the easy instructions. You can get bulb sizes for every bulb on your vehicle.

What is average life of an HID Kit?

Approximate estimate of average life is about 3000 hours.

Are these Kits Plug-n-Play?

Yes. All our kits are plug-n-play. No splicing or modification of wires or plugs is necessary.

How much brighter will my HID Kit be than my Factory Halogens?

Your HID’s should give out 3 times more light or brightness than your factory halogens.

Difference between Standard Ballast and Slim or Digital Ballast?

A standard ballast is your basic ballast and contains no power regulator where as the digital ballast does contain one.

How do I find out if I have a different Bulb Size for High Beam and Low Beam?

You can find out by visiting our Home Page – “Choosing the Right HID Kit is easy”.

What is a Hi/Low HID Kit?

The industry standard definition of a Hi/Low HID kit is hi beam halogen, low beam HID.

What is a Bi-Xenon Kit?

It is a dual beam HID kit. Meaning both bulbs are HID using only one HID kit.

What Vehicles are eligible for a Bi-Xenon Kit?

Vehicles with one bulb for Hi beam and low beam are eligible.

How does a Bi-Xenon Kit work?

Our Bi-xenon kit works by having one Xenon (HID) bulb for both hi beam and low beam. This is possible due to a spring loaded motor attached under the base of the bulb. The high beam and low beam is activated through the controller wiring harness included in the kit. This harness activates the bulb motor to move into low beam or hi beam when either beam is selected without having to re-ignite or warm up the bulb.

How long does it take for HID Bulb to fully ignite?

On average it takes about 15-30 seconds for full ignition.

What does 3000K, 6000K, 8000K etc mean?

These numbers are associated with color temperatures. Each number represents a color. The break-down is an industry standard and each number correlates as such: 3000k-yellow 6000k-platinum/bright white 8000k-baby blue/light blue 10000k-blue 12000k-deep blue/hint of purple.

What does it mean if my light appears to be shaking, shimmering or flickering?

Some vehicles may experience pulsing of power from the alternator which can translate into a fluttering or moving of the light beam which will require additional power regulation. Purchasing the slim digital ballasts will correct this issue on most vehicles because they have a built in power regulator to steady the beam.


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